The Process

Throughout the ages, brewers have proudly marked their barrels with a six-point Brewer’s Star to symbolise the purity of their beer. Each point represents a element of the natural brewing process – water, hops, grain, malt, yeast and the brewer. Redemption shares the same values and commitment to using the best natural ingredients.



The brewing process starts with water. Our water flows from the
reservoirs of the surrounding Lea Valley, providing us with a consistent
source of pure local water.


The best Maris Otter Barley is sourced from British farms by our
traditional floor maltster. It’s then steeped in water, dried, raked and
kilned. We rely on their skill and judgement to turn these natural grains
into malt good enough to earn its place in our beer.


Malt forms the backbone of our beers, producing flavours ranging from
digestive biscuit and sweet toffee to chocolate and coffee. We extract
the sugars, colour and all the goodness from the malt by mashing it in
with water at just the right temperature.

We boil hops for bitterness to balance out the sweetness from our malts
at the start of a brew and then then add lots of hops at the end to create
the distinctive aroma and flavours which give our beers real character.


Our traditional English ale yeast helps to bind all the other ingredients
together, magically turning sugars from the malt into alcohol and
producing subtle fruit flavours and fine carbonation.


Our brewers use their technical skill, experience and patience to hand
craft all of the natural ingredients into a beautifully balanced beer. Each
brewer stamps their own individual mark on Redemption beers with
their passion and dedication.




Our Redemption Star
Synonymous with the craft and traditions of brewing, the six-point brewers star first appeared as far back in history as 1300, when brewers used it to adorn their barrels. In the 1500s, the Brewer’s Guild, one of the first trade guilds of Europe, adopted it as their insignia. The star was also hung outside breweries and used in many logos; it can still be widely seen across Bavaria adorning small craft breweries.


The brewer’s star was intended to symbolize purity. If a brewer attached it to his beer he was declaring it to be free of any impurities and additives. In folklore history, the six points of the star represented the six aspects of brewing most critical to purity: the water, the hops, the grain, the malt, the yeast and the brewer.

Whilst our ‘Redemption Star’ puts its own twist on the shape of the original brewer’s star it represents all these aspects. However we also like to think it acknowledges our personality and the care we put into everyone of our beers. Cheers!